"Dynamic Solutions for a Sustainable Future"

the 2nd annual Yenching Social Innovation Forum

Dec. 8-10, 2017 at Peking University

As the impacts of climate change grow more pronounced each day, the need for renewable energy, sustainable development, and innovative social solutions becomes increasingly urgent. Often, government actors are cast as a singular solution to the complex issues associated with climate change. Yet, it is individuals working within local communities around the world who promote a sustainable future. The 2017 Yenching Social Innovation Forum seeks to bring together these leaders under the theme Dynamic Solutions for a Sustainable Future.

The Forum will provide an opportunity for those on the frontlines of fighting climate change to exchange ideas, learn from pioneers across various sectors, build global networks, and develop successful strategies for China and the world.

As a multi-disciplinary event hosted in Beijing, YSIF will take advantage of China’s unique position as a rapidly developing economy facing a range of environmental concerns on the world stage. As the Chinese capital and a center of social innovation and technology development, Beijing offers a complex and rapidly evolving landscape in which to study climate change.

The Forum will be organized around four specific focus areas:

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Citizen Science for Sustainability

In coordination with businesses and NGOs, how can citizens use scientific methods to crowdsource and analyze environmental data?

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Green Finance & Technology

How can renewable energy, innovative financial tools, and other technological advances be harnessed for sustainability?

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Sustainable Business & Corporate Environmental Responsibility

What role can the private sector play in fighting climate change and creating a dynamic green economy?

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Climate Governance & Policy

How can governments and multilateral organizations like the United Nations use policy to guide sustainable development solutions?